From a Building Blooms a Neighborhood


Rockrose begins with an idea for a building, then expands that idea to incorporate the retailers who will help spearhead our neighborhood concept.  Having identified the needs of the residents, we follow through finding the perfect fit of retailers.  This blueprint for development is Rockrose’s secret for the creation of successful neighborhoods.

When building the luxury East Coast neighborhood in burgeoning Long Island City, Rockrose targeted the services most in demand and then sought out the highest quality retailers to fulfill residents’ immediate needs.

There had been no stores at East Coast until we found “the butcher, baker and candlestick maker”, as we humorously refer to as the basics.  From the basics a neighborhood will flourish, so we secured a grocer (Food Cellar), drug store (Duane Reade), restaurant (Shi Restaurant), and liquor store (Blue Streak Wines). 


The solution was not to just find retailers, but also to make an investment in their long –term success.  To that end we gave them valuable incentives that attract them to our buildings, help them grow their businesses by offsetting large initial outlays of money, and maximize their profit, moving them forward.

Rockrose is also cognizant of the wisdom of not putting competing businesses into our buildings.  This response further causes our retailers to thrive.  We had many offers at East Coast, but our careful selections resulted in a win-win situation for retailers, residents and Rockrose alike.

Retail Property

Jackson Avenue, Long Island City - Retail

Jackson Avenue, Long Island City - Retail

Fast-changing LIC presents a rare opportunity for retailers. By day and by night, it offers a customer base eager for an eclectic mix of stores, cafes, galleries and more.  Innovative, modern residential buildings house thousands of young professionals, entrepreneurs and artists, with many more apartments coming on the market in 2018. 

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