Meet New Yorkers who call Long Island City home

As development shapes Long Island City, the Daily News catches up with newcomers and old-timers to talk about their never-boring surroundings.



Loves the amenities
Name: Emily Murphy
Occupation: Public relations, VP
Lives: 4705 Center Blvd.
About: Murphy, a lifelong Manhattanite, was convinced to move to the neighborhood two years ago by her boyfriend. Ultimately, the amenities won her over:

"We have this Whole Foods-style grocery in our building, Duane Reade, dry cleaners, laundry in the building. There's the promenade on the river and people relax on the grass. We've got a pool, roof deck, grills, steam room, sauna, pool table."

On going out in the neighborhood: "On the weekends, I tend to go to the city, but during the week, definitely, there are cute restaurants on Vernon Blvd. More stores are starting to pop up. The brands are coming out here now."