Sapps LIC

sapps lic

Sapps LIC has officially opened on 27-26 Jackson Ave, walking distance from our Hayden and Linc LIC buildings. 

Sapps Restaurant began with SHI Owner Shih Lee’s vision. Shih grew up in the East Village eating at a simple authentic Japanese restaurant serving izakaya style dishes. Years later with the determination to create something similar, Shih has brought Sapps to LIC. The restaurant offers different Asian fusion dishes than SHI, and has a modern NYC vibe.

Sapps LIC serves lunch and dinner with classic Japanese menu items like sushi, donburi, and yakitori.

A popular lunch item will be the bento box with seven different main protein options: Kara-age (Japanese style fried chicken) sushi, sashimi, salmon teriyaki, chicken teriyaki, shrimp/veg tempura, and unaju (eel). The bento box comes with 2 pieces of shumai, rice, salad, Japanese pickles, and a side of Miso Soup.

The dinner menu is very large, containing a sushi/sashimi menu that could be an entire menu on its own. Part of the sushi menu is the specialty rolls section, which has a fun and tasty selection to choose from.

Medusa – Salmon Jalapeno on the inside topped with melted mozzarella cheese & caramelized onions.

Robster – Spicy soy garlic Lobster roll with avocado & cucumber roll with pink soy paper

Blast – Spicy crunchy tuna and yellowtail on the inside, topped with spicy crunchy crab meat

For people interested in throwing a party or event, Sapps LIC features a mezzanine with room for close to 30 people where you can hose a birthday, baby shower, or any other private event. Sapps opens for lunch at 11:30 and the restaurant is closed on Sundays.

Takeout & Delivery by Caviar!

Head over to Sapps LIC today for a delicious dining experience!