Best Italian Food in the West Village

For the best Italian food in the world, fly to Italy. Besides Italy, the West Village in Manhattan is the go to spot for pizza and pasta connoisseurs. Below is a list of great restaurants in The Village to try out. 

Malatesta Trattoria

Malatesta Trattoria is an authentic Italian Restaurant located a block from our 666 Greenwich Ave building at 649 Washington Street. The place is modest in appearance, letting the food speak for itself. The pastas are home-made and delicious. Besides great pasta, the restaurant serves great fish and meats. Favorites are the gnocchi, lamb chops, and bruchetta. The cherry on top is the food is very well priced. Notably, the restaurant is cash only.



Barbuto is a trendy Italian restaurant located a block from our 100 Jane Street and 110 Horatio Street buildings at 775 Washington Street. The restaurant has a unique layout, once functioning as a garage. Besides delicious pasta, Barbuto is renowned for its roast chicken. The portions are very large, making it the perfect spot for big families who like to share food.



L’Artusi is a modern Italian restaurant located two minutes from 666 Greenwich Ave at 228 West 10th Street. The restaurant is known for its creativity, and each dish looks as good as it tastes. Besides the great food, L’Artusi has an extravagant wine menu and a huge bar to take advantage of. One of the specialty dishes is the garganelli with mushroom ragu, which was featured on Buzzfeed this past week.



Rafele is a popular Italian restaurant located at 29 7th Avenue South. The restaurant has many noteworthy accomplishments including its chef Raffaele Ronca winning The Chopped Championship on Food Network. Besides delicious pasta, pizza, and entrée dishes, Rafele is popular for its Food and Wine Magazine rated cheesecake.