Off-Broadway Theater in Midtown West



Manhattan is arguably the greatest place in the world for business, dining, and fashion. When it comes to theater, there’s no argument, it IS the best. Only downfall is obtaining tickets to Broadway plays and musicals such as Hamilton and Book of Mormon is difficult and expensive, which is why we’re focusing our attention to Off-Broadway.Just because you hear Off-Broadway doesn’t mean the quality of the production is any lower. In fact, Hamilton started Off-Broadway before it became a mega hit and the same could happen for these three new shows  that can be seen in Midtown West.


Cagney, which opened in April, is a charming new musical that follows the life of the legendary James Cagney from the streets of New York to his rise as one of the brightest stars of Hollywood. The tap dancing filled musical can be seen at an array of times at the Westside Theater, depending on the day. The musical takes place from the beginning of talking features in the 1930′s all the way until the death of James Cagney in 1986, and features a score of original music and classic favorites such as Yankee Doodle Dandy and Give My Regards to Broadway. Interestingly James Cagney began his career as a vaudeville song and dance guy and turned into Hollywood’s original on-screen tough guy. To see how this incredible transformation came to be as well as an interesting take on Cagney’s life and behind the scenes of the Hollywood movie industry, you’ll have to buy a ticket.

Love, Love, Love

Love, Love, Love has begun its preview period at The Laura Pels Theatre on 111 West 46th Street, and officially opens on October 19th. The play begins in London, 1967 where Beatlemania is in full effect. The story follows a man and woman who meet in this summer of love, and connect through sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll. But what happens when that time comes to an end, and these Baby Boomers have babies of their own? You’ll have to buy a ticket to find out. Love, Love, Love was written by the theater veteran Mike Bartlett and directed by Tony winner Michael Mayer. The 2 intermission show is set to run until December 18th with the possibility of that date being extended.

Kingdom Come

Kingdom Come has just begun its preview period at the Black Box Theater and officially opens at the beginning of November. The play follows Samantha who is lonely and confined to her bed, and Layne who is shy and too afraid of the world to journey into it. Both women decide that online dating might be the outlet they need, and in venturing into the wilds of the internet they find a deep connection with each other. The only problem, they’re pretending to be someone else. So what happens when the feelings are real, but the people are not? You’ll have to watch to find out. Kingdom Come was written by Jenny Weiner who also plays Samantha in the play. The show starts at 7PM throughout the week with one matinee time on Saturday at 1:30PM.

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