Brooklyn Grange Farm – Long Island City & Brooklyn Navy Yard


Long Island City is filled with hidden gems that make it such a special place to live. One of these hidden gems is Brooklyn Grange’s Flagship Farm located on the rooftop of 37-18 Northern Boulevard in Long Island City. Along with Brooklyn Grange’s second farm at The Navy Yard, the two locations grow over 50,000 pounds of organically-cultivated produce per year. The rooftop farms aren’t only for growing fresh vegetables and herbs; they also host events and educational programming, as well as partner with numerous non-profit organizations throughout New York to promote healthy and strong local communities. Brooklyn Grange is doing a fantastic job supporting our community and now it’s time we spread the word so we can all support them.

Saturday Open House

From May 21st to October 22nd, The Flagship Farm in LIC hosts an open house from 11AM to 4PM that is free of cost and takes no advanced registration. The first thing to take advantage of is the Farmers Market. It isn’t common to find a farmers market in NYC where you can see the exact location of where your produce is being picked from. There’s local fresh vegetables from nearby and then there’s Brooklyn Grange Farm’s local fresh vegetables from where you are standing. The second thing to take advantage of is being able to visit and interact with chickens. That’s right, the farm has many chickens so make the trip a family outing because your youngsters will definitely enjoy the experience. When choosing a day to visit, families should try and make the third Saturday of the month when City Growers hosts family-friendly workshops and activities at the farm all at no cost. Definitely a fun day for all, and a day the chickens look forward to. Finally with a rooftop view envied by bar owners everywhere, Brooklyn Grange’s Flagship Farm is the perfect place to simply enjoy a day in the sun.


Another great thing about the farm is the different events going on. Most notably, Brooklyn Grange hosts Farm Tours throughout the month where you will learn about their daily operations and farming methods, as well as the basics of their business model and the environmental benefits of urban agriculture and rooftop farming. For people looking for something a little more specific some of the upcoming workshops include learning about fermentation, harvesting honey, and even Beekeeping. The events sell out quickly, but don’t worry Beekeeping is still open! These are just a handful of the many Brooklyn Grange events over the next couple months.

Special Events

When there’s a beautiful rooftop view of the Manhattan sky-line it enables the farm to be more than just a farm. Are you a yoga person? Every Monday the Navy Yard farm has Monday Evening Yoga and occasionally you can sign up for a unique Immersive Yoga and Sound Meditation Class as well. Besides yoga, Brooklyn Grange Farm is the perfect place to host your private event. Throwing a wedding? Having a company outing? How about a cocktail reception? All three events and more have been successfully hosted by Brooklyn Grange Farm and will be a success for you as well!

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